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CMRE Financial reviews – Why CMRE is the Best Choice for a Medical Billing?

home-banner-small A huge benefit of using a collection service is that by using these services, the healthcare providers can maintain good patient relationships while obtaining revenues from past due invoices. The services can actually reduce collection costs and reduce bad debt assignments. Since medical billing agencies are well versed in insurance and workers’ comp, they can improve accounts receivables. When selecting a medical billing company for your practice, it is important to selecta single company that provides a broad scope of services. It is much easier to manage medical billing much easier to manage medical billing outsourcing when you are only dealing with a single entity than several that specialize in different areas. This way if problems arise, there won’t be any finger pointing since you only have to deal with a single entity. Managing too many entities can become a job in and of itself.

CMRE can considerably help improve your practice’s financial performance, while enabling your doctors and their staff to focus on issues concerning patient care.

CMRE offers many services, including the following:

Collection services:

CMRE’s services help the healthcare provider maintain good patient relationships while collecting past due invoices.

Self-pay A/R management:

CMRE’s services maximize account resolution while reducing bad debt assignments and collection costs.

Insurance/worker’s comp follow-up and rebilling services:

CMRE’sservices reduce the impact of delinquent insurance accounts and improve accounts receivable.

Electronic funds transfer programs:

CMRE ensures that funds allowed under a specific contract are paid by identifying and recouping funds from previously closed accounts.

In-service training programs:

CMRE’s programs improve the effectiveness of your in-house collectors and provide a forum for continuing education.

When you select a medical billing service, it is important to select one that has many years of experience and has a proven track record of success. CMRE has over 30 years of medical billing experience and a success rate of up to 99 percent. Another important feature to seek is billing company’s financial services affiliations. CMRE is affiliated with the following prestigious companies and associations:

  • Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
  • California Association of Collectors
  • American Collectors Association
  • California Healthcare Association
  • Medical Dental Hospital Business Associates, Inc.

When selecting a medical billing service, it is important to select a service that is a MDHBA Certified Healthcare Business Associate, since this is considered the gold standard for medical billing agencies.

MDHBA certification is a mark of distinction for healthcare collection agencies since it demonstrates the highest levels of commitment to healthcare financial services professionalism. CMRE is one of only seven companies that have earned the MDHBA Certified Healthcare Business Associate status.